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Eye-opening cost savings using the MERP Plan

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MERP is a type of Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) that enables employers to fund portions and/or all of their employee’s health plan deductibles, coinsurance, or copays, as well as, cover the cost of other qualified medical expenses on a tax-free basis.  MERP allows employers to purchase high deductible plans that we can customize to eliminate or minimize deductibles and co-pays. The strategy allows room for increased benefits for employees as well as the retention of Kaiser as the healthcare provider.

Under a typical MERP situation, let’s use an easy example to walk through the process.

ABC Employer is currently paying extremely high premiums to offer a $500/$1,000 Deductible plan to their employees. After learning about the MERP Plan, they decide to purchase a $2,500/$5,000 Deductible Plan, but still offer a lower to no deductible to their employees; ABC Employer will be funding the difference between the Employee deductible to the purchased plan deductible.

“More employees in a pool leads to better pricing and cost” 

Like minded Employers who seek to lower cost, staying healthy, and taking advantage of the latest healthcare technologies can come together to form their own plan.

Each Employer can design their own level of benefits with the advantage of all the Employers are helping out collectively to pay large claims.  The traditional approach is each Employer is on their own.

While major PPO networks such as Aetna, CIGNA, Anthem Blue Cross and United Healthcare have a large overlap of the same providers, the discounts applicable for your claims vary as much as 10% or more.

A review of the claims can identify which is more competitive.  In addition, each network provides varying large claims case management to lower cost. 

In general, Reference Based Pricing (RBP) addresses the high cost of hospital charges.  Traditional PPO plans pay hospital charges after the contracted discount is applied which is typically 25-40%.  RBP pays hospital charges using Medicare as a benchmark plus reasonable profit of 25%.  Hospitals are used to paying the Medicare allowed amount.  This approach creates a savings to claims of up to about 30%.

Organ Transplants are becoming more and more possible to the healthcare arena.

The total claims cost however to the Employer increase as more transplants are performed.  The traditional way is to just pay the cost of the transplant which will be reflected in the total plan claims effecting the renewal increase of the plan.  

By paying a small premium to buy an insure policy that will cover the transplant directly impacts the total plan cost and resulting in lower increases in the long run.

The cost of Prescription drugs to a health plan represents about 25% of the total claims.   

Specialty Drugs are getting more and more expensive.  There are many strategies to employ to reduce cost of drugs.  Not all Rx vendors are discounting the drugs the same.  Patient care management will go a long way to reduce the use of unnecessary drugs, possible interaction, and side effects causing higher medical cost.

The cost of Infusion therapy traditionally are performed at a hospital setting resulting in the highest cost for these therapies.  There are independent clinics that can perform these therapies at a far lower cost.  With the current Covid-19 environment these infusions can be performed at the home of the patient.  Analyzing the claims data can help target those patients to see if a more cost effective and convenient way is possible.

In addition to the high cost of hospitalization, we find that the hospital bills are almost always created with errors.   GHHS can have the bills audited by an independent firm and report total errors to recoup the savings resulting in lower claims cost.

Best solutions

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Medical Benefits Insurance Premiums increases at least 6% every year and at times by as much as 12% per year.

  • Improved and more price effective healthcare benefits help in employee recruitment and retention.

  • Out of network mental health providers can be added to your Kaiser benefit package and savings generated through our program can help pay for it.

Networks and Third Party Administrators

Partner Third Party Administrators and Health Providers that GHHS works with

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Best solutions

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Best solutions

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Dialysis Company

$2.5 M savings on 650 employees

Japanese Tech Company

$ 300K savings on 50 employees

Construction Company

$60,000 savings on 19 employees

Non-Profit Organization

25% savings on premiums

Bus Manufacturing

26% savings on premiums

Solar Company

21% savings on premiums

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